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Trademark Webinar

Free for a limited time only! 

View our trademark webinar for a better understanding of trademarks and why registering your trademark is important and necessary for your business. 

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Our Services

You've already started investing in your brand, now let's protect it.

Our Trademark Services Include:

  1. A Comprehensive Trademark Search to see if there are there any similar pending or registered trademarks;

  2. Trademark Search Results Memo including an analysis about whether the marks from the search are likely to be an issue for your application or not;

  3. Filing the application;

  4. Assistance with Gathering the Required Documentation for the application;

  5. Correspondence with the Trademark Office, including non-substantive Office Actions;

  6. Correspondence with Client;

  7. Unlimited Client meetings;

  8. Attorney of Record During the Pendency of the Application to Ensure Smooth Processing;

  9. Filing fee for one class of goods/services.

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