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Trademark Registration

Let's Trademark your Brand!

A registered trademark is a valuable asset for a business to own because it offers security and value. Trademarks make it easy for customers to find you and your brand is how customers will recognize your products/services. Most purchasing decisions are influenced by trademarks and the brand reputation. The more your business reputation grows, the more valuable your brand will be! 

The trademark process is a race! Don't let someone else beat you to the finish line and file their application first!

An overview of our trademark process

Purchase our trademark registration package on

our website

Complete our trademark information form sent

to you via email

We conduct a trademark clearance search for any competing marks

We file your application

with the United States

Patent & Trademark Office!

We send you a search results memo via email and you schedule a strategy call

Get Started Protecting your Brand! 

Schedule a 30 minute consultation for only $100

Our Services

You've already started investing in your brand, now let's protect it.

Our Trademark Services Include:

  1. A Comprehensive Trademark Search to see if there are there any similar pending or registered trademarks;

  2. Trademark Search Results Memo including an analysis about whether the marks from the search are likely to be an issue for your application or not;

  3. Filing the application;

  4. Assistance with Gathering the Required Documentation for the application;

  5. Correspondence with the Trademark Office, including non-substantive Office Actions;

  6. Correspondence with Client;

  7. Unlimited Client meetings;

  8. Attorney of Record During the Pendency of the Application to Ensure Smooth Processing;

  9. Filing fee for one class of goods/services.

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