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A.C Smith Law Firm

Contract Services

A written contract is the best way to avoid confusion and ensure that both parties agree to the same terms. 

If one party breaches the agreement, a written contract can allow you to assert your rights and enforce the contract. A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties that defines and governs the rights and duties of the parties. Generally for a contract to be enforceable, there must be an offer, acceptance, consideration, capacity, and a meeting of the minds. Four contracts frequently needed by entrepreneurs are: Independent Contractor Agreements, Client Services Agreements, Copyright Assignment Agreements, and Operating Agreements.

Our Services

We offer both drafting and reviewing contract services. Be sure that your services or products are being provided exactly how you want, and according to the agreed upon terms. Schedule a consultation with our attorney at The A.C. Smith Law Firm so we can help you build your business and brand on a solid legal foundation!


Our Contract Services Include:

  • Contract Review

  • Contract Drafting 

  • Unlimited Revisions until Draft is Finalized

  • Joint Review of Finalized Contract

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