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A.C Smith Law Firm


Any business owner knows that having a good legal advisor is essential! I highly recommend The A.C. Smith Law Firm, and once you have used their service, you too will look no further. Ariana explained everything in detail and made the process a better learning experience. I found her level of expertise and professionalism to be exceptional. My business partner and I look forward to working with Ariana as our business continues to grow.

A.C Smith Law Firm


I am so happy that I decided to start my business with The A.C. Smith Law Firm! This is something that I have wanted to do for a long time and Ariana made the process so easy! She followed up with me, answered all my questions and continues to guide me as more questions arise. I feel both confident and secure about the foundation of my business and I owe it all to The A.C. Law Firm!!!!

A.C Smith Law Firm


Ariana at The A.C. Smith Law Firm, PLLC helped me and my business partner form an LLC together. Her expertise, and patience with answering all of our questions quelled our anxieties, and we left knowing a whole lot more about starting a business (and we both already own other businesses!!). She spent extra time to go over every little contractual detail in English, which is what we all want in an attorney. HIGHLY recommend working with her! Thank you, Ariana!!

A.C Smith Law Firm


A.C Smith law firm has been truly God Sent. Starting a new business can be very stressful and overwhelming. Ms. Smith made sure that the process moved smoothly. Ms. Smith is very knowledgeable and I was able to get all my questions answered in a reasonable time. I am confident and put trust in A.C. Smith law firm to fulfill all my small business needs.

A.C Smith Law Firm


The AC Smith Law Firm is top notch. They provided me with superior legal services for my video production LLC. Not only did they create the templates for several legal documents we needed drafted but also provided expertise on other legal situations. I very strongly recommend for all of your legal needs.

A.C Smith Law Firm


Ms Smith was very quick with her response to all emails. She took the time to write down the answers to questions I asked, as well as getting my input throughout the whole process. She encouraged me to call if I needed any further explanation throughout the process. Definitely someone I will with again if need be.

A.C Smith Law Firm


I was at the lowest point in my life when I found myself and my case all over headline news, newspapers and social media. I spoke to a handful of attorneys and not a single one of them had the confidence, trust and security that Ariana had. I explained my intense situation and she literally took immediate action. I’ll never forget her good energy she sent me after our first phone call we had, which made me truly believe that everything will be more than just fine. Talking to her felt like a mini getaway vacation; a safe zone, removing all the negativity and stress in my life. What I love about Ariana is that she understands and cares not only about my case, but me as a human being. She just gets it! Shes a pretty damn good lawyer, so working with her just know you’ll be in good hands. I am more than happy with my outcome of my case and I’m looking to build a life long legal/friend/business relationship with her!

A.C Smith Law Firm


I'd learned about AC Smith through a mutual friend on Instagram. I decided to contact Ariana about trademarking my business logo. She was very informative, professional, and responsive with a pleasant personality. I liked her and her high level of service so much that I engaged her for an additional service. Furthermore, I decided to keep AC Smith Law Firm as my go-to attorney for business law matters. I have two friends starting businesses to whom I have referred the firm services, and hopefully, they will engage the firm when ready to trademark. I highly recommend AC Smith Law Firm.

A.C Smith Law Firm


I am a new Realtor & needed to set up an LLC, in order to properly manage & structure my business. I figured, it being my first-time, I should connect with a Lawyer. When I reached out to a good friend, he referred me to A.C. Smith Law Firm. Ariana is a powerhouse! Loaded with passion, experience, education, & enthusiasm. I am beyond glad to have met Ariana, not only did she help me set up the LLC, she further educated and guided me through the process. What I think I admire the most about Ariana, is her patience. It took some time for me to get things together and complete the forms sent to me by the firm. Ariana would send me gentle reminders, that helped me stay on track.
Today I can proudly say that I am the first first-generation immigrant in my family to own a business. A.C. Smith Law Firm did that!
I am forever grateful & will be coming back for trademarking.
Trust A.C. Smith Law, you have so much to gain by doing so.

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