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You don't own your BRAND without a FEDERAL TRADEMARK

Registering your trademark is an important step to protecting your brand identity. Your trademark is a symbol to identify your business and registering your trademark is the best bet to prevent another business from using your logo or name to conduct business!  

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An overview of our trademark process

Purchase our trademark registration package on

our website

Complete our trademark information form sent

to you via email

We conduct a trademark clearance search for any competing marks

We send you a search results memo via email and you schedule a strategy call

We file your application

with the United States

Patent & Trademark Office!

P R O T E C T   Y O U R   B R A N D

A.C Smith Law Firm
If you are selling a product or a service YOU NEED A TRADEMARK! Not trademarking your name, logo or slogan is leaving the most important part of your business vulnerable to be copied or registered by someone else. If you're going back and forth about whether you need to register your trademark, think about all of the hard work, time and persistence that it took to get where you are. Now think about how you would feel if someone copied your brand or sent you a cease and desist letter for your own brand. With A.C. Smith Law on your team, we will work to give your brand the protection it deserves!
Benefits of Registering your Trademark
  • Federal trademarks provide legal protection for your brand in the entire United States and its territories.

  • Protects against federal registration of competing marks that are identical or confusingly similar marks.​​​

  • Once your trademark is registered you can use the ® trademark registration symbol which puts others on notice that you own the brand!​

  • With your registered trademark, you can have stronger cease and desist letters to deter others from using your brand in business.​

  • You don’t have to run your business with the fear of receiving a cease and desist letter or whether your investment in your brand is protected.

  • Your registered trademark will deter others from starting brands with an identical or similar name as yours.​

  • Trademarks last forever, as long as you are still using it and file your maintenance documents.

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"I am very pleased to have chosen The A.C. Smith Law Firm to file my trademark. Ariana is thorough, well versed in all matters surrounding trademarks, and an overall pleasure to work with. She helped me navigate through difficult issues surrounding my trademark and her guidance and advice put me at ease throughout the process. I highly recommend her services. I am looking forward to working with her again in the near future."
Iriana Crosswell, Owner of Blossoming Through Behavior
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Is this You?

A.C Smith Law Firm
  1. You Googled and tried to figure out how to register your trademark on your own. 

  2. You filed your trademark on your own and you received an Office Action.

  3. Your trademark is not registered and you received a Cease and Desist letter.

Your LLC does NOT protect your BRAND name        
Your DBA does NOT protect your BRAND name
You CAN trademark your BRAND NAME, LOGO and SLOGAN!

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with us and get your TRADEMARK filed right the FIRST time!
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